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When teaching English to children it is important to keep in mind how they have already learned the basic elements of their mother tongue.

We talk to children since their birth, we sing to them, they are shown objects and games with their names. In time they indicate them in turn and repeat the words imitating their sound; later they learn to associate words by forming sentences.


The learning of English that pupils do at our school reflects their very first approach to their mother tongue at home. The teacher, in the classroom, tries to recreate learning situations that stimulate the curiosity and interest of children, and encourage them to play while learning models and structures of the new language.


We sincerely believe that learning experiences should be enjoyable and fun to be effective. In our school the teacher speaks in English to the children at all time: when she receives them, when they arrive in the morning, during the fruit snack, when the calendar is made, during the weather forecast, when she sings, at lunch and during group lessons; therefore it becomes natural for the child to hear people speaking in English and, in time, to interact in the same language.

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