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Learning Music 

The project and its philosophy:

The world that surrounds us is vibrations. Everything: colors, sounds, objects, emotions... Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, it reaches us, gets us involved us, and can change us at anytime. A child meets the world and its vibrations with an embrace that is much wider than that of the adult. There are no limits or preconceptions from previous life experiences. 

The aim of this project is to stimulate the child into accepting the different stimuli coming from varying sounds that transform the whole room and the world around into a dimension of music and emotions. 

This is all because even a wall or a radiator can have their sound and their role within a family of sounds. Every sound has an emotion that the child interprets in his or her own way. My mission is to meet and welcome with open arms any interpretation and reaction to the stimulus, as within this lies a clear and profound individuality of the child.


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