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4-5 Years old Class 

Always keeping as a priority the individual abilities of the child, every day will take place having in mind the needs of everyone: all our little guests will have their own personalized notebook on which they will develop all the various activities planned, such as linguistic and mathematical-logical ones.

These activities best prepare the child for school age, but are not to be misunderstood as boring frontal lessons: the child is stimulated by our teacher Chiara to approach the numbers, the first mathematical calculations, the writing, all fundamental activities "masked" by moments of play.


It is fundamental for Chiara to focus on the attitude of the individual child, following the interests and inclinations of each of them: in this way children are more conducive to dynamic learning, learning notions of writing and calculation while having fun without even realizing it.


Of the various activities that Chiara offers, children certainly appreciate more the ability to build their own games with recycled material of all kinds: children have the opportunity to manage the material made available to them: they are free to stimulate their creativity in real "work points": they learn to manage the space, time and materials they have given.

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