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“Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not always”

(Paul Klee)

The children will be accompanied towards the experimentation of pictorial techniques and towards the knowledge of visual arts, as well as Art History. Through experimentation that we call “Art as experience”, the child will be able to experience firsthand the process of creation, of composition, but also deconstruction, arriving at the formulation of a thought and a look of his own, confronting with the group and maybe generate others in turn; stimulating the process and developing the creative potential are actions fed by different channels, which eventually branch out into thoughts, words, interpretations, terminologies, actions and even productions.

Our art workshops are always structured and designed to allow educational goals and purposes: some situations are then generated by the children themselves, so that the time we dedicate to them will be a forum for dialogue, observation and knowledge.

Readings of art books and projections of images will be part of the ateliers, during which the children will be the active protagonists of creation.


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