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Who we are

Alice Parco dei Bimbi Pre-School is the first Bilingual pre-school in Bergamo.

The project comes from Maria Elena Crotti’s desire to create a child-friendly reality: her thirty-year experience as head of children's schools is expressed in a stimulating and creative environment, ensuring an approach studied on the individual needs of the children.

A wonderful villa in the heart of the city of Bergamo, surrounded by a large garden, hosts all the activities of our young guests, welcoming them in a reassuring and protective environment, inviting them to socializing and sharing.


Alice Parco dei Bimbi welcomes children from 2 to 6 years of age, ensuring a personalized path for each child, which will be joined by extra-curricular activities depending on the preferences of the young pupils and their parents.

To guarantee the enhancement of every child, respecting its peculiarities, the school chooses to concentrate on a limited number of students. By focusing on smaller groups of children, the educators are able to establish a bond of affection and trust with the children, guiding them in a path that is stimulating and creative for them.


The goal of our teachers, together with the well-being of the students, is to create an educational alliance with the parents: in this way the mutual roles are defined with the unique purpose of the education of the child.

Our entire staff is united by a great professionalism, dedication and, above all, by a deep passion for children, who will be actively involved in stimulating experiences and able to freely express them.


For the school director Maria Elena Crotti, Alice Parco dei Bimbi is the realization of a dream, not only her job: after about thirty years of experience, seminars, conferences and updates in various provinces of Italy (such as Trento, Florence, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Ancona) her dedication to the little ones is realized in creating an environment as favorable as possible to accompany children in their growth.

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