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Alice's special projects and social projects



We believe that awareness is important at every age: this is why we organized a meeting for our young students with Jessica Bennato, representative of Bergamo’s ENS (the National Association of Deaf People) and with Monica Cagliani, deaf girl, who showed us a language that is still too little known: sign language.


For two months, the children had the opportunity to confront a reality different from theirs, and then go on a trip to the Audiophonetica school in Brescia, having a way to play and interact with some deaf children, experimenting on the field the gestures they taught them.

The project ended with a meeting addressed also to the parents, during which the children were able to show what they had learned, and above all to teach the gestures to their mums and their dads.




Children have the right to education in every part of the world: to shed light on this issue, we met Dr. Alessandra Ometto, pediatrician, neonatologist and volunteer in Ethiopia to let us explain the "Distance help project of the School in his whole "; The Doctor met our children aged four and five, telling them about the lives of Ethiopian children of their own age.


Our children had the opportunity to see their homes, their families, their games and their school in photography, observing what they have in common and what differentiates them from their peers and have gladly accepted to start an exchange of correspondence, drawings and photographs.

The school then decided to collect clothes and stationery in good condition so that Dr. Ometto could take them as a gift to the children of the Kindergarten of the village of Mazoria during the next missions.




Together with the guests of the San Francesco Retirement Home in Bergamo, the children had the opportunity to share an important training experience. It is essential to understand that it is not a laboratory, but a moment of sharing in which the child has the opportunity to see a different reality of life, bringing joy to the days of the lonely older people.

Two generations so distant, but so close, when compared can create a special bond: the children gave new light to the elderly, who in turn waited impatiently those two fateful Thursday of the month to spend a day in serenity in the company of our children. It all ended with a nice lunch together, as if to underline an affectionate relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.

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